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Saturday, 11 June 2011

UK is creating a National Crime Agency, similar to the American FBI.

UK is creating a National Crime Agency, similar to the American FBI. The new service will be coordinating the work of police and other law-enforcement organizations. British agents will start their work by dealing with the Internet.

Ordinary constables used to fight against organized crime and terrorism in the UK. Now this will be the responsibility of agents. British Home Secretary Theresa May has declared that the special agency being established in the country will stand above the police and other departments responsible for the country’s security.

At the first stage the agency will face three tasks: the struggle against organized crime, and there are about 6,000 gangs in the UK according to official data, tidying up the cyber space, and solving crimes against minors.

The Home Secretary said that the new agents will have more authority than ordinary constables, they will not have to ask for permission for their each step, like now.

First, the National Crime Agency will sort out the Internet situation and start searching for the sites of extremist and terrorist groups. No effort will be spared to block access to suspicious resources from computers belonging to schools, libraries and universities.

The government will allocate a substantial sum of 46 million pounds for the work of the agency. However, critics from law-enforcement ranks condemn the idea of creating a “British FBI”.

They say that it is ridiculous to talk about the consolidation of services responsible for order in the country and simultaneously  to carry out mass cutbacks in the number of policemen. This year, 12,000 policemen will be forced to retire. These people say that the government wants to establish an American-style agency which is out of place in the UK.


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