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Sunday, 20 January 2008

Todd Tornstrom

Todd Tornstrom, 35, was arrested Thursday night shortly after the pilot of the flight from Columbus to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., decided to turn around and land at Port Columbus International Airport.
Tornstrom and a female passenger were disruptive and appeared to have been drinking, said airport spokeswoman Angie Tabor.
When asked by a flight attendant to stow a carry-on baggage, Tornstrom claimed he was a Transportation Security Administration agent and that he had a gun, the FBI said in a statement. The pilot decided to return to Columbus after Tornstrom couldn’t produce a TSA identification badge. The plane had 134 passengers.
The FBI also said Tornstrom was overheard by a flight attendant telling passengers that he was carrying “enough bullets for everyone on the plane.”
The plane was searched and no gun was found. All passengers were re-screened by security and the flight took off again just after midnight.
Tornstrom, of Chesterland, Ohio, was charged with interference with flight crew members and attendants. He appeared in federal court Friday and was released on the condition that he not abuse alcohol and not fly on commercial planes, said Fred Alverson, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office. No plea was entered. A hearing was scheduled for Feb. 7.
If convicted, Tornstrom could face a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.


I hope he gets 20 this guy is a moron. And a bad person

I know this guy, he's a hard working person, built a business from nothing and works from sun up to sundown. He probably was intoxicated, a stiff fine should be impossed instead of a stiff drink. 20 yrs. are you crazy??

I worked my butt off for this guy, and can tell you this man deserves the maximum sentence for his foolish crime.Todd is by far the most arrogant, and self absorbed human I have ever met in my life.
The only thing he works hard to do is make sure his bank account has as many figures as possible. All this at the expense of elderly customers and innocent hard workers. I am glad home owners and potential American Asphalt Sealcoating customers will have a chance to see what they might encounter in a business transaction.

I know Todd quite well,probally better than most. I was there at the start of the whole Asphalt sealing buisness and long before that.The small town that he comes from breads jealousy and serious hate for his succsess.20 years?? You must be from his town...come on now.Granted now his actions shocked even me,way,way,way to much to drink combined with never being a big fan of waisting time and well Long Island's bad choise.Hard worker,good person,educated,comes from good family,just can't keep his mouth closed...TSA?gun?badge?ammo 4 everyone? Todd whats up bro? Way over the top...think about how long those other passengers had to stay on that plane after your....not even sure what to call it.20 years though,no way..make him scrub planes and talk with some family members of those lost from idiots with guns on planes.Pri-Com....

Todd comes from a town full of people who are equally as successful as him.
Saying that the whole city of Kirtland breeds hatred and jealousy
toward success is proposturious. I unfortunatly, did not come from the same town. Your comments lead me to believe that you are related to, or may even be Todd himself. The reason I say this is because I cant think of a single person who would stick up for such a self-centered human being.
You say that you know Todd? Then you should know he deserves what ever GOD has instore for him.
He never gave a thought about the people who may be inconvenienced on the way to his prize. ABC

todd tornstrom is the dumbest human being on earth. who could possibly be dumb enough to say they have a gun on an airplane after 9/11 i have worked for todd and he is by far th most corrupt business man i have ever met he doesnt care about his employees and has no idea about anything that goes on in his business the only thing he cares about is putting money in his pocket i hope he gets the maximum sentence possible and gets what he deserves while he is locked up

Thats typical Todd.
Always trying to emulate somthing he's not. If he thinks your rich, he'll try to act richer. If he thinks your successfull, he try to act more successfull......and if he thinks YOU are in charge of the airplane, eh, well....see the pattern? Its called being fake.
The booze just magnified his personality - and thats no excuse anyway. Its no excuse for DUI's and no excuse for this. Wasting time? What was he going to do in Ft. Lauderdale? convention? He didnt waste no time sucking down the booze.
Many people in this world work hard every f'in day to build their fortune....without being assholes. So that excuse dont hold no water with me. You reap what you sew my friend, and by the looks of things, the harvest has come in - bon-apetite.
Ah, but all hope is not lost. Perhaps this fiasco might pull young Todds feet back to terra firma. Time to grow up.

I had him do our drive and he was a total jerk. When I questioned the bill he was verbally abusive to my wife and I. It was clear that he was not an honest business man.

I Know this RIP-OFF artist! For the agony this jerk has put myself, my family and freinds through the time has finaly came for judgement! As we only can hope for. This supposed great business owner has cheated me , stole money, and leads by deception. He is not a man of his word. 20 years in the BIG HOUSE, could not even pay back for all of the grief he has put myself, my family and freinds or anyone whom has ever had to do any type of business transaction with this SCAM ARTIST!

Todd doesn't care who he hurts or ruins financially for his own monitory gain. He is the most finagling human being (Can't calll him a "Man"). He comes from money and has the money (BECAUSE HE'S SO RUTHLESS AT GETTING ALL OF HIS) to hire a "Big Time" lawyer---just like O.J.. I hope he doesn't "Walk" like O.J. and this time justice is served. You do the crime, you do the time. We live in an era of Terrorism. This stunt he pulled now is a serious offense. We don't joke around sober or drunk ( which is just an excuse) and think you can get away with it. Todd thinks he's above everyone--even the Law. We need to inforce the maximum of 20 years. We need to stop anyone from just "kidding" around on airplanes or any public transportation, no matter what nationality or income status they are. You never know when the "Real Deal" will happen and a slap on the hand will not detour further incidents. He has "terrorized" everyone!

Who are all you guys, any Andy out there who worked for him in 92 or 93-94? I worked for Todd for a summer back then when he just starting out, two pickup trucks and hand mixing all the sealcoater with sand. Back in High School. I'd like to get in touch with Andy, if there is one out there..

You are finally going to get what is coming to you!!!! I've waited many years for this. I personally know Todd and he is nothing but a corrupt individual who cares only about himself. He finds any way he can to swindle people. Your mouth has finally got you in trouble!!!.

Todd is an idiot. I'm not all suprised by this. I'm suprised that it didn't happen sooner. You deserve what you get.

I am one of those people that was inconvenienced by this idiot. My wife and i were in Ft. Lauderdale waiting for the airplane to take us back home. His stupid actions should cost hime, but not 20 years. I would like to see him get maybe 30 days and a stiff fine. Then, I think everyone one the Skybus flight with him should sue him for inconvenience and fear. I think bankrupting him might make him reconsider his future stupid actions.

I am one of those people that was inconvenienced by this idiot. My wife and i were in Ft. Lauderdale waiting for the airplane to take us back home. His stupid actions should cost hime, but not 20 years. I would like to see him get maybe 30 days and a stiff fine. Then, I think everyone one the Skybus flight with him should sue him for inconvenience and fear. I think bankrupting him might make him reconsider his future stupid actions.

Hi! I'm AnnMarie Blackwood from Charm Sealcoating. I never thought that you would even make it this long with your shotty work. Going to a persons driveway, not pulling the weeds out of the cracks and sealcoating over crabgrass. How did these people think that they had to pay you? Oh, that's right, they were probably senior citizens who felt that they should because that would be the right thing to do. And what about that sign incident? When my husband and I were on a job, you returned one of our stolen signs. When I called you later in the day, you pretended not to be you. Then when you finally admitted to being "Todd", you said that you don't let people know that you are "Todd" because you get too many complaints about your work. Why did you have the sign to begin with to return to us? That's because you steal competitors signs because you think it will help you. This will help you. When you do a driveway, do it the right way. You over charge customers, take advantage of them, don't go back if it washes out and now you are a drunk,threatening to have a gun on an airplane with enough bullets for everyone? Does your selfish self think about what you did to these passengers? You'll get what you deserve.

Well its been about a year since i took a look at this blog/HATERS convention so what im lead to believe by everyone (except for a few)comments is that he is a)a fraud b)con artist c)takes no pride in work D)the worlds worst boss... talk about ground floor i remember mixing that nasty ass coal-tar-emulsion with my arm and people were talking the same shit back then.Almost like people were holding there breath hopeing for him to mess up...its sick and sad how people hold grudges,small 1 stop light towns,and possible inbreeding are all plausable reasons for non-foward thinking.I was wrong in saying a whole town of haters...Sorry..my bad.. Coments like "dumbest" and "moron" and i even noticed someone played the God card.."leads me to believe" 99.8 percent of the people have no idea what there saying or for that matter even begin to understand someone with such a high I.Q. DOESNT MEEN HIS ACTIONS WERE RIGHT....in any way..but never should he be confused with a moron.Arrogant yes..built something from nothing, now has some cash...ever been proud of something or even your self there mr or miss Moron or how about you there maximum sentence..What was he going to do in Florida???maybe a 10 second vacation before going back to 70hr work weeks..Ever have your own buiss.? Its a 24/7 hair pulling,teeth grinding,up hill battle that if your lucky wont bankrupt you or even worse..Try being good at it,matter a fact try beeing so good at it that it makes your self worth rise.Since hes been little the guy knew what he was going to be and do.Buiness,stayed true to him self,and scored...buiness isnt nice,theres noone to say heres your 40 grand back for that unseen problem that just happened.wait...you might have to be smart enough to see it coming and try and make an,wait...Educated desision...not an easy thing to do moron.Maybe if you knew him you would have a clue...Total f-up on his part(like i said the first time)saying ive got a gun on a plane horrrrrible choise of words but waiting years and years to kick him when hes down,that kind of sick shit only comes from being around moms,dads,cousins,grand parents,great grandparents...ect who teach such abnormal thought patterns..almost shall i say,inbreed..whom ever said taht this is possibly Todd....urafnmoronlol....just try to remember hate breeds jealousy and never eat yellow snow...Mousetrap

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