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Sunday, 20 January 2008

Johan Nel

Johan Nel, 18, was escorted into the building amid heavy security, remanded in custody for a week, and then driven back to prison.
The multiple shooting happened at the Skielik shanty town, about two miles from the family's chicken farm at Tweefontein in the rural North West province.
A man reportedly entered the township with a rifle and walked among the houses, shooting as he went. Some have claimed he said "Kaffir, Kaffir, Kaffir" as he fired.
Moses Clifton, 68, lost his daughter and grandchild in the multiple killing, in which several people were also injured.
"The child and the mother ran out of the house and the boy walked down the road and shot them," he said.
"I hid behind the house with my back against the wall and I heard him reloading his gun. I stayed at the corner watching and then I saw the mother and the child dead in the road.
"I was at court this morning to see this man. My heart is breaking. My child and my grandchild died. He must hang."
Corrie Nel, mother of the accused, insisted that her son was not racist.
"If you knew him, you would know that he did not act rationally," she told the Afrikaans newspaper Beeld.
He had told her: "Mom, something snapped inside me," she added.
Five years ago, aged 14, Nel was convicted of shooting and wounding another black man, who was working as a grass-cutter. His family say he was attacked with a sickle, and had been traumatised by their experiences of crime over the years.
According to some reports his defence at the time was that he mistook the man for a baboon.


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