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Monday, 27 June 2011

Stewart "Specky" Boyd, who is suspected of ordering the deaths of at least nine people.

Boyd, 40, died in a suspicious car fireball smash with five other people in Marbella, Spain, in 2003 when the Audi TT he was driving crashed with a BMW being driven in the opposite direction.

The mobster had flooded the south side of Glasgow with heroin and is believed to have been forging links with the Russian mafia based on the Costa del Sol prior to his death.

MacKintosh said: "Stewart was a pal of mine. I liked him and got on well with him, despite what people say and how things turned out.

"He was one of the gamest guys I ever knew. He never had any fear.

"He was a clever guy, quite likeable, but has been made out as this ruthless killer.

"He ran a really tight crew, one of the top mobs in Scotland, and he knew how to operate.

"The thing with Boyd's time is that a lot of people around him were being killed.

"But I was an associate of Stewart's so I never had any reason to fall out with him. He was always all right with me."

He added that he believes Boyd's death was an accident and not, as some in gangland would say, the result of an underworld hit. MacKintosh said: "I don't believe there was anything sinister behind Stewart's death in that car crash.

"I believe it was simply a tragic accident that led to the deaths of six people.

"One thing is for sure, Stewart was well on his way to becoming a wealthy man when he was killed in that car crash."

Underworld sources have revealed that when Specky died, a lot of his money remained hidden away, forcing a desperate gangland struggle to find his lost stash.

MacKintosh said: "One thing that has led to an incredible lot of hassle is that Stewart's money never showed up.

"This has led to a lot of trouble. I don't how much he had planked away. I don't know where it is.

"But people have been trying hard to find it."

MACKINTOSH struck up an alliance with Ian "Blink" McDonald when the rising enforcer pleaded with him for a spot on a prison football team.

McDonald approached him at Barlinnie in 1985. MacKintosh said: "I met Ian because he was after a place in the football team.

"He came up to me because he knew I was a good player. I pretty much decided who got a start. But he was rubbish at football."

He joked: "In fact, even now he is still s***e at football. But it didn't stop us becoming good mates and we have been friends since.
"Ian was there for me recently after I was attacked. He's been through a lot himself, he survived attempts on his life and came through it all. He knows how to handle it." Convicted armed robber McDonald was targeted three times in May 2009.

First a bomb was planted under his black Mercedes motor, then days later he was battered and slashed in an attack close to his mother's home in Provanmill, Glasgow. Thugs then firebombed his £30,000 Mercedes, which is nicknamed the "Blink-mobile", as the gangland vendetta against him raged on.

McDonald, who served ten years of a 16-year stretch following an armed robbery at a bank in Torquay, Devon, in 1991, was also attacked by Jamie "Bull" Stevenson's enforcer David "Mincey" McKenzie, at a gangland funeral last November.


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