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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

'Psychic' call sparks huge police hunt

Texas authorities are investigating a report from a ‘psychic' who claimed up to 30 bodies, including children, were buried in a mass grave at a rural home east of Houston — but no corpses were found.
Police launched a search operation in Hardin after a caller to the Sheriff's office, claiming to be psychic, said scores of bodies had been buried at a house.
Texas Rangers arrived on Tuesday with a search warrant to allow authorities to search the home where the woman had claimed was a mass grave of dismembered bodies.
Liberty County Sheriff's Captain Rex Evans said authorities have a name and number for the caller and were working to track the person down. Asked if authorities thought the tip was a hoax, Evans said only that they found no bodies or anything to indicate a homicide had occurred there. "We are going to continue our investigation and find out how this individual had this information in the first place," he said.
County Judge Craig McNair told reporters the psychic had called the Liberty County Sheriff's Office late on Monday and Tuesday morning claiming bodies were at the scene, and deputies decided to investigate because they found what appeared to be blood on a door.
McNair also said deputies noticed an odour in the backyard but could not identify it. By Tuesday evening, deputies were milling around the house near Hardin, Texas, about 82km east of Houston, and there was even talk of FBI agents being called in.
Joe Bankson, the reported owner of the home, told the Houston Chronicle from Dallas he and his wife left on Sunday and he didn't know why police were there.
"I haven't killed anybody," he told the newspaper. "And I have a lot of friends, but I haven't helped anybody bury any bodies."
Blood on the porch
Bankson said he and his wife were long-haul truck drivers en route to Georgia. McNair confirmed the couple hadn't been at the home for at least two days and were truckers. Bankson also told Khou-TV in Houston that there was blood on the porch and in the house because his daughter's former boyfriend tried to commit suicide two weeks ago. "He got drunk and cut his wrist," Bankson said.



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