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Friday, 9 April 2010

'Fagin' gang mutilated kids | The Sun |News

'Fagin' gang mutilated kids | The Sun |News: "Cops say the gang of modern-day Fagins had sneaked 168 kids aged seven to 15 into the country for 'criminal activities'.
Gang members believed disabled children were more likely to evoke pity in passers-by, so maimed their own children to increase their earning potential.
This included deliberately breaking their arms and legs.
Romanian police also confirmed that 17 people were now in custody as a result of raids in the gipsy dominated village of Tandarei in Ialomita county, southern Romania.
Those in custody can be held for up to 29 days while investigations continue before they need to appear in court.
Tandarei, famous for its massive gipsy palaces, was last in the news when locals were found to be running a massive UK benefits fraud.
Police seized documents from the parents authorising gang members to transport the children across borders as well as large amounts of money, much of it in British.
They also found high-powered hunting rifles and machine guns.
Some of the smuggled children have already arrived back in Romania and are being given counselling."


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