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Friday, 9 April 2010

6 suspected gang members arrested in Livermore

6 suspected gang members arrested in Livermore: "alleged Norteño gang members went after people they thought were rival Sureños, but in many cases their targets were innocent Latinos, said Livermore police Lt. Ava Garavatti.
The crimes were committed at the behest of Norteño gang leaders who directed that Sureños be attacked 'on sight,' Garavatti said.
The most serious incident was the Oct. 26 stabbing death of a man near Walnut Street and Livermore Avenue. The victim, whose name wasn't released, was mistaken for a rival gang member, police said. Raul Martinez Jr., 25, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of murder and is being held without bail.
In November, a man waiting at a bus transfer station was beaten after being mistaken for a Sureño, police said. Anna Delarosa, 20, and David Navarro, 26, are being held on suspicion of attempted murder.
Then, in December, a man was stabbed, kicked and punched, again after being wrongly accused of Sureño membership, police said. Ronnie Martinez, 18, and Fernando Perez and Juan Preciado, both 19, were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder."


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