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Monday, 21 January 2008

John 'Leo' Del Pinto,Carly Reisig

Autopsy shows both shots would have been fatal
An autopsy carried out in Canada on the body of John 'Leo' Del Pinto, who was gunned down by a policeman in Pai earlier this month has revealed both shots would have been fatal.
The Medical Examiner's office in Calgary, Alberta, has completed a report which says he was killed instantly by the bullet to his head.
But the second shot pierced both his liver and kidney and would also have been fatal.
Ross Fortune, a spokesman for the Del Pinto family said last night personal belongings that which 'Leo' was carrying at the time of death had not been returned.
"This was heartbreaking news for a family, who are already struggling to cope with the loss of their only son."
Meanwhile the full autopsy report is expected to be ready in three days.
A memorial service will be held in Calgary today.
Meanwhile, Canadian Secretary of State, Helena Guergis, has written to the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressing Canada 's concern and calling for a transparent investigation into the shootings of Del Pinto and his companion Carly Reisig, 24, from Chilliwack, British Columbia.


I am wondering what can be done to insure there is continued pressure for genuine and unbiased investigation in this case...The fact that the person who shot John Leo Del Pinto is out on bail, and the incongruencey in the Canadian witness , Carly Reisig, and the Thai witness accounts leaves alot of room for concern about the will, and ability of Thai authorities to be objective. This young man was too young to die. How can we keep up pressure for justice?

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