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Monday, 21 January 2008

Bank, Nakhon Kwaenkhetgun, Mongkol Yatra,

Police denied killing the three and suspect their deaths resulted from "silence killing" among criminals.
The discovery of three dead bodies on Ban HipUthai Road in Ayutthaya's Uthai district at 4.20am yesterday brought an end to the police manhunt for Akkharapol "Bank" Sampaoyoung, accused of killing three policemen on duty in Ayutthaya on New Year's Eve
Bank, 22, was found dead with multiple bulletwounds in his back along with Nakhon Kwaenkhetgun, 18, and Mongkol Yatra, 20. Bank carried a loaded 11mm pistol while Mongkol carried a loaded .22 pistol. Their two motorbikes were found nearby.
Provincial Police Region 1 commissioner, Pol LtGen Rachata Yensuang, identified one of the body's as Akkharapol. Rachata offered an initial suspicion that Akkharapol, who was wanted on many criminal charges, might have run out of money so he returned to Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya. He said Akkharapol had narrowly escaped from police in Phetchabun on Wednesday, leading to incorrect news reports that police had taken him into custody.
He affirmed the police did not kill the three men and that their cause of death would be investigated.
However, Akkharapol's mother Rattana Sampao said she did not believe her son was killed by his own fellows or "gangsters". Rattana said her son had contacted police to turn himself in through a Bang Pain policeman.
She said Akkharapol was supposed to turn himself in on Wednesday morning, when she and Akkharapol's wife were accompanied by Bang Pain policemen to a resort in Lop Buri for them to wait for the news. She said she also informed reporters at 8am on Wednesday about Akkharapol's appointment to turn himself in with police in Ban Nong Lai in Petchabun's Ban Phai district.
Rattana said she lost contact with her son at about 5pm on Wednesday, after which the Bang Pain officers were told via a phone call from some police to take her and daughterinlaw home. She said police must have lured her son and abducted him to another location before he was shot dead.
Rattana said she would not file a compliant against police out of concern for her family's safety but just wanted society to know that her son tried to turn himself in but was extrajudicially killed.
Chamnan Ponsaard, the owner of "Jae Taew Restaurant", where Akkharapol was reportedly arrested according to a Thai newspaper, or was appointed to meet with police according to Rattana, recalled an incident at about 9.30am on Wednesday when three men on two motorbikes came to order some food. After serving them, Chamnan and his mother went back to the kitchen.

They heard a truck with people making a loud noise arrived, so Chamnan and his mother hid at the back of restaurant until everything went quiet, he said. They then found that the three customers and their motorbikes had disappeared without paying the bill, he added.
"We didn't think much about that because it (customers running away without paying bills) happens often. After we heard the news that the three might be the copkiller suspects, we were in shock but we cannot confirm if they are the copkiller suspects because we don't notice their faces. We cannot remember the faces of those driving them either, but they shouldn't be police," he added.
However, Colonel Kornek Petchchaiwes who led the manhunt aid that his team had learned that Akkharapol was hiding in Petchabun's Nong Phai district so they went there but found nothing so they returned to Ayutthaya.
"All day long there were rumours that police had arrested this suspect (Akkharapol), but I confirm that my team did not arrest him and did not extrajudicially kill him," he said
Later Thursday, Dr Suranong Srisuwan from Thammasat Hospital in Pathum Thani's Khlong Luang district revealed that Akkharapol died from some 50 shotgun bullets in his back, destroying all his internal organs. There was no sign of other physical abuse on him, he added.
Akkharapol and his friends were wanted for allegedly killing three Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya police officers - Pol Lance Coperal Sila Waenngern, 25, Pol SgtMaj Preeda Joijutha, 35, and Pol Snr SgtMaj Kosin Manprom, 41, on December 31, 2007.
The officers reportedly tried to arrest Akkharapol while he was celebrating the New Year holiday at a relative's home in Bang Pahan district, but were met with a hail of gunfire, after which Akkharapol and his friends fled. Police set a reward of Bt500,000 for information leading to their arrest.
In related news, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya police and the three officers' family members yesterday morning held a merit making ceremony. Pol Snr SgtMaj Kosin's wife Sunthri Manprom said she was glad that Akkharapol died, no matter who killed him, as he was repaid the bad karma he gave. If he were alive, she would file a lawsuit against him, she said, but since he was dead, she forgave him.


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