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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

'Black Madam' charged with murder after giving bottom injections to British model

Claudia Seye Aderotimi, 20, collapsed and died hours after receiving the injections in February 2011. The aspiring actress and model from London had travelled to Philadelphia to get the treatment. But shortly afterwards she complained of chest pains and shortness of breath. She died hours later in a Philadelphia hospital. Now, more than a year later, Padge Victoria Windslowe, 42, has been charged with third-degree murder. Windslowe, who also performs as a musician and uses the stage name the Black Madam, was free for more than a year before being arrested for a separate similar incident involving another woman. Prosecutors said that they knew Windslowe had also injected Miss Aderotimi but awaited the outcome of tests from the Food and Drug Administration before determining the cause of death.


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