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Sunday, 13 May 2012

British safari man accused of mass murder 'framed by local poachers'

A British man jailed in Africa after discovering the site of a suspected massacre may have been framed by locals he had banned from poaching, it was claimed yesterday. David Simpson, 24, was working for a safari firm in the Central African Republic when he says he came across 18 mutilated bodies. He reported the horrific discovery to the authorities but was later arrested and charged with murder. The Cawa safari company’s Swedish boss, Erik Mararv, is also being held. Sources close to the case claim the official police report into the killings contains evidence based solely on hearsay. One said: ‘Some of the local people have attempted to frame the men because they were not allowed to poach on the firm’s land or because the company did not employ them, or because they have been fired.’  Mr Simpson, from Gillamoor, near Pickering, North Yorkshire, denies  the accusations. He could receive the death penalty if found guilty but before anything is decided, he faces up to six months in jail as an independent judicial review is carried out. Even if he is released, he will not be allowed to leave  the country until legal proceedings are concluded. It is widely believed supporters of the notorious warlord Joseph Kony carried out the killings.


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