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Sunday, 19 February 2012

2nd arrest in hashish-oil blast that hurt mom, son


second person has been charged in connection with an apartment explosion in San Francisco's Ingleside neighborhood last week that was the result of hashish-oil manufacturing, authorities said Wednesday. Thomas Weed, 26, of San Francisco was arrested Tuesday and charged with several crimes in the Feb. 7 explosion on the 1200 block of Capitol Avenue. The blast blew out the apartment's front windows and injured two people in the unit, Weed's girlfriend, Angelic Cisneros, 33, and her 12-year-old son. Cisneros was arrested the next day. The son, whose name was not released, suffered burns and received skin grafts on his face and body, police said. He is expected to survive, a police spokesman said. Butane being used to manufacture hash oil is believed to have caused the explosion, said Omid Talai, spokesman for the San Francisco district attorney's office. Prosecutors charged Weed and Cisneros with six felony counts each, including recklessly causing a fire that resulted in bodily injury, recklessly causing a fire in a residence, child endangerment, manufacturing a controlled substance, possession of marijuana for sale, and maintaining a place for drug sales. Weed and Cisneros also each face a misdemeanor charge of possession of drug paraphernalia. Cisneros pleaded not guilty last week. She and Weed are each being held in lieu of $350,000 bail. In a separate case in San Mateo County, Cisneros faces two felony charges of giving marijuana to a minor under 14 and three misdemeanor counts of child endangerment. She is scheduled to be tried in April and had been released on her own recognizance.


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