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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Kaiser Chiefs grab brooms and join riot clean up campaign

Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson and fellow band member Simon Rix put on their community caps and joined the growing group of ‘handy mobs’ with their brooms to help with the London clean up campaign following three days of riots.

Tweeting their step-by-step journey, Ricky encouraged his 23, 698 followers to borrow a broom and help repair the devastation caused throughout the city following the riots.

He said: “Camden Chalk Farm. Me and @curlywand will there in a bit with our brooms. Get to one near you today if you're about.

The details of their journey contined: “In a 'Handy Mob' on the train. We're all armed with brooms. Least threatening mob ever. One girl has a jay cloth.”

It soon became apparent that The Angry Mob singers were unable to help as much as they had anticipated…although they did spot another friendly famous face in the crowds.

“Can't really do that much. It's all still crime scene at the moment. Seen Matt Baker from Blue Peter though. Result.”

Band member Simon Rix also kept in touch through the social networking site, saying: “Atmosphere in Clapham was brooming marvellous this afternoon. Well done London. Hopefully we won't be doing it again tomorrow.”




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