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Thursday, 24 February 2011

List names 'Costa del Crime' wanted

List names 'Costa del Crime' wanted: "Anthony Fraser, grandson of former violent East End gangland enforcer 'mad' Frankie Fraser, and son of a convicted drug smuggler. The 39-year-old Londoner is wanted over the importation of two tonnes of cannabis - worth £5 million - hidden in a lorry load of frozen chicken from Holland in 2009.
Others included Glaswegian William Paterson, 31, wanted over the murder of gangster Kevin 'Gerbil' Carroll in January last year. Criminal Carroll, dubbed Scotland's 'public enemy number one', was blasted 10 times by masked gunmen outside an Asda superstore in Robroyston, near Glasgow.
Darren O'Flaherty, 36, of Liverpool, is wanted after a lorry driver was held at knifepoint while his load of electronics was stolen in North Yorkshire in 2006. The fugitive is also the prime suspect for the murder of Irishman John O'Neill, who was shot dead in a crowded bar in the Spanish resort of Benalmadena last summer.
Details of all 10 men will be posted by Crimestoppers on a 'most wanted' website targeting the region. Several Spanish coastal resorts have been dubbed the 'Costa del Crime' since the 1970s because hundreds of wanted British criminals are thought to have fled there."

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