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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Joanna Lumley joins legal aid campaign

JOANNA LUMLEY 8X10 PHOTOJoanna Lumley joins legal aid campaign - Telegraph: "The actress, who famously won better rights for Gurkhas to settle in the UK, has joined lawyers across the country to attack proposals to slash funds for those fighting civil court cases.
Kenneth Clarke, the Justice Secretary, has proposed civil legal aid should only be routinely available to those who face losing their life, liberty or home under the biggest shake-up of the system in its 50-year history.
People fighting a wide range of legal battles — from warring families and school disputes to clinical negligence and personal injury — will be denied access to public funds under the plans.
The reforms are designed to cut the £2.1 billion legal aid bill by £350 million within four years and by more than £400 million within a decade.
But the Law Society warns the move is 'ill-conceived and unfair' and will leave half a million people a year with the prospect of fighting battles without legal representation."

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