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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Abbotsford police drive home message about gangs in Hummer

HummerAbbotsford police drive home message about gangs in Hummer: "What was once used for drug trafficking has become the latest beacon of the Abbotsford Police's battle against gangs in the city.

At a press conference Wednesday the APD unveiled its new cruiser - an H2 Hummer - that will make its rounds, spreading the message that gangs are not welcomed in Abbotsford as part of Operation Reclamation.

A man who was convicted of drug trafficking and weapons possession once used the vehicle, however it was surrendered under BC's Civil Forfeiture Act and given to the APD to use as a motorized billboard for fighting organized crime.

The hummer won't be used as a regular police cruiser, but it will be driven to schools and put on display at Abbotsford Heat games for students and the general public to view."

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