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Monday, 22 November 2010

grandpa gangsters - Herald Scotland | Comment | Tom Shields

Tom Shields on ... grandpa gangsters - Herald Scotland | Comment | Tom Shields: "Snowy-haired Glasgow businessmen who had planned to spend their declining years getting a bit of sun over in the Costa del Crime are still on the mean streets dealing drugs, collecting protection money and doing a bit of extortion to keep the wolf from the door.
It can’t be easy to pistol-whip a victim into submission when the arthritis is acting up.
The perfect bank heist becomes more problematic when the lookout man has nodded off again.
The getaway driver can’t remember where he put the car keys and the gang have to use their bus passes to make good their escape.
Tayside polis recently lifted a 93-year-old for shoplifting. A 79-year-old faced 11 such charges. It is to be hoped sufficient care provision is in place to help aged thieves get their loot safely home. A shoplifting-on-wheels service.
There should be support for the frail and house- bound villain.
Maybe computer classes to enable them to get into new fields of endeavour such as identity theft, online shoplifting or sending letters to South Lanarkshire Council pretending to be Nigerian businessmen.
The legal system will need to be changed to cater for elderly accused. They will have the option of pleading guilty, not guilty or can’t remember."


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