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Thursday, 15 April 2010

CTV Montreal - Police demand leads to strip club closure - CTV News

CTV Montreal - Police demand leads to strip club closure - CTV News: "Club Temptation, on Ste. Catherine at Mansfield, was a hangout for street gang members, and officers were worried the club would become the scene of a deadly shootout.
The club is owned by Richard Goodridge, who reportedly co-founded a gang called The 67 ten years ago with Ducarme Joseph.
Over the years the pair had a falling-out, and Goodridge is now considered to be an associate of the Mafia.
Last month Joseph escaped an attempt on his life that left two men dead, and injured two more, and police are worried that Joseph's associates would seek revenge by attacking people at Club Temptation.
So, to avoid a potential target, police asked the Alcohol and Gambling Board to immediately suspend the club's license.
Police have done this nine times since 2002, and the suspension is followed by a hearing with the Board, police, and the bar owner.
Joseph is currently in jail after pleading guilty to assaulting a doorman at the Buona Notte nightclub."


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