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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Keith Ennis 29-year-old drug dealer found dead in a Dutch canal last month, and only identified last week, was tortured before he was stabbed to death

Keith Ennis 29-year-old drug dealer found dead in a Dutch canal last month, and only identified last week, was tortured before he was stabbed to death and his dismembered body parts put into refuse sacks. The torso of Keith Ennis showed signs of stab and slash marks. Ennis, of Oakway, Clondalkin, is believed to have been murdered by a Dublin gangster who has killed at least six men.
Ennis fled the Republic while on bail after being charged with possession of cocaine and a Glock pistol in November 2007. Two days after his arrest gardai raided a warehouse in Ballymount Industrial Estate and seized five pistols and nine kilos of cocaine. Two men were arrested at the scene. Ennis was an associate of a Dublin drugs gang controlled by former members of the republican terror group, the Irish National Liberation Army. The gang has close links with former Irish drug dealers now based in the Netherlands who are believed to have tracked down Ennis.The murder is the 11th killing involving Dublin gangs this year. So far all remain unsolved though gardai in the Kevin Street District have sent files to the Director of Public Prosecutions over the murder of "Champagne" Johnny Carroll shot dead in a pub in The Coombe on February 18. More than 20 people have been arrested in relation to that murder and last week gardai arrested and questioned a 61-year-old man related to the prime suspect.Keith Ennis was identified by fingerprints sent by Dutch police to Garda headquarters last week. The body had been dismembered the first time this has happened in a gangland killing.
A bail hearing at Dublin District Court heard that Ennis sold a business in 2006 and intended buying a trucking company. His partner was three months pregnant at the time he appeared in court.
Ennis was granted bail on a surety of €20,000 and on condition that he sign on twice daily at Clondalkin Garda station and observe a curfew. He fled shortly afterwards. His family was notified of his death on Thursday.The gang responsible for the murder is one of the most violent in Dublin and carried out the double murder of Darren Carey, 20, and Patrick Murray, 19, whose bodies were recovered from the Grand Canal on New Year's Day in 2000. It is believed the pair were killed after they stole cocaine worth €30,000 from the gang.
Ennis was arrested in November 2007 after he was recognized by gardai in Pearse Street station. He was carrying €23,000 in cash. When gardai raided his house they found the pistol and cocaine valued at €2,000.The gardai also found documents relating to the warehouse in Ballymount where they discovered the cocaine and five guns.The other gangland killings this year are: The January 8 murders of Michael "Roly" Cronin, 35, and James Moloney, 26, as they sat in a car in Summerhill in the north inner city; Stephen O'Halloran, 20, in Tallaght on January 19; Graham Nally, 35, in Finglas on January 20; Richard Keogh, 30, from Cabra, on January 24 in Spain; Michael Hendrick, 36, in Clondalkin on February 9; John Carroll, 33, in the south inner city on February 12; Michael Murray, 41, in Finglas on March 4; Seamus O'Byrne, 27, in Tallaght on March 12 and Liam Murray, 41, in Rathfarnham on St Patrick's Day.


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