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Sunday, 22 March 2009

battle between the Bandidos and Notorious has escalated six homes in Sydney's west were hit by bullets

6 homes in Sydney's west were hit by bullets just 12 hours before a 29-year-old bikie was bludgeoned to death at Sydney Airport's domestic terminal.In a dramatic escalation of a turf war between rival bikie gangs, one man was shot, another bashed, and another murdered in the airport attack.NSW police are now faced with a crisis of resourcing with the involvement of the already over-stretched Gang Squad, the Middle Eastern Crime Squad and the Homicide Squad in a series of investigations encompassing a family feud, the escalating bikie wars and 12 allegedly linked murders and attempted murders going back a decade.The drive-by shootings at Auburn on Saturday night, which involved six houses in three streets, are believed to be related to Bandidos discovering that two of the club's Blacktown chapter "associates" were passing information to the rival club, Notorious.
"They found out two Auburn boys were being paid by Notorious to provide addresses of Bandidos members," a source told the Herald."That's how Notorious knew where [the serjeant-at-arms of the Bandidos Blacktown chapter] lived; these guys gave them the address," the source said.The tensions began in February with a drive-by shooting at a tattoo parlour - owned by the Hells Angels - and the bombing of the outfit's Petersham clubhouse moments later.Fears that the 2am blast, which blew cars off the road and tore into the side of a nearby building, was an act of retaliation have been well founded. Since then, the battle between the Bandidos and Notorious has escalated.The Auburn shootings at 1am yesterday left two men aged 18 and 17 in hospital. The elder man was treated at Westmead for a gunshot wound to his leg, and the younger man, after being treated for cuts, was taken to Auburn police station for questioning, then released without charge.The attacks have come during a separate deadly street war between rival Lebanese families, the Darwiches and the Razzaks.


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