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Thursday, 31 January 2008

Randy Lake,Steven Murray

Steven Murray, 37, was taken to Sebasticook Valley Hospital where he was treated and released Wednesday morning.
Randy Lake, 22, who shared a Raymond Avenue home with Murray, was arrested by Pittsfield police officer Greg Sides. Lake has been charged with aggravated assault, reckless conduct, and violation of the conditions of release.
Several BB's were removed from Steven Murray's gums, cheeks and neck. None of the injuries is believed to have caused permanent damage, police say.
"The doctors said if his neck hadn't been so thick it would have been life-threatening," said Officer Jeff Vanadestine of the Pittsfield police.
The shooting took place around 2 a.m. when the men began to argue about Deeanna Murray, Steven Murray's former sister-in-law, Vanadestine said.
Both Lake and Deeanna Murray had been drinking, Vanadestine said.
"They were fighting over her," Vanadestine said. "He was shot in the face 15 times. It happened very quickly."
Lake, who was on probation, was arrested as he walked down the street not long after the shooting, Vanadestine said.
A CO2 pistol-style BB gun was found in a nearby ditch.
"He was taken into custody without incident," Vanadestine said of Wednesday's arrest.
Lake is being held at the Somerset County Jail until his court hearing, which is scheduled for March 26, Vanadestine said.
Lake was charged in November with operating under the influence and refusing to submit to arrest, Vanadestine said.
The incident could have turned out much worse, Vanadestine added.
"I'm glad he didn't have a bigger gun," the officer said


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