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Saturday, 19 January 2008

Odwa Oros Sithole

Odwa Oros Sithole, is wheeled by doctors to emergency rooms at Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital in Mthatha yesterday, while plainclothes police officers keep a close guard. Sithole was wounded during his arrest near Mtatha yesterday. Notorious custody escaper and one of South Africa's most wanted criminals,luck has finally run out after escaping from policeFrom the lace curtain inside the flat we could see that it was him, so we positioned ourselves and got ready to fight...Sergeant Landela Hlalendlini Sithole, 23, was arrested at 8am yesterday at Ntlekiseni Locality near Mthatha, after police staked out his home the whole night, before executing a perfectly planned ambush.Sithole walked into his house unaware that his pursuers were waiting for him inside. When he reached for his firearm, the two cops fired three rounds into his legs and arrested him.
It brought to an end Sitholes life on the run, after he escaped from Mthatha Magistrates Court in September last year.
With a rap sheet stretching back to 2002, Sithole is allegedly responsible for crimes including murder, armed robbery, cash-in-transit heists, car theft, escaping from lawful custody and possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition.
In all he has 23 counts against him.

Before his escape from court, Sithole was flown to Mthatha from Cape Town in a police jet, where he had been arrested following a jail break with six other inmates from Mthathas Wellington Prison.
But Sitholes luck ran out, thanks to the efforts of Sergeant Landela Hlalendlini and Constable Thando Magoxo, who camped in a yard the whole of Wednesday night waiting for their man.
They were initially joined by eight members from the Organised Crime Unit (OCU) and the National Intervention Unit (NIU).
But at 1am yesterday, it started raining and it was decided that Magoxo and Hlalendlini would remain behind.
The two positioned themselves inside Sitholes house, each peering out a window, not making a sound to each other.
Each was armed with R5 rifles and a pistol and for the next six hours waited silently for their quarry.
Hlalendlini said it was at 7.40am when an unsuspecting Sithole walked into the flat.
He walked around the yard and through the gate carrying a blue bag. At this time we knew that action was about to start,? Hlalendlini said.
From the lace curtain inside the flat we could see that it was him, so we positioned ourselves and got ready to fight.
Sithole pushed the door open and immediately the policemen instructed him to raise his arms.
But Sithole reached for his gun and was shot three times in his legs.
He fell on the ground and from there we knew that our patience and anticipation had paid off, Magoxo said.
Sithole was handcuffed and the two cops called for backup, waiting about 3km away.
Police recovered a 9mm pistol with six live rounds of ammunition and a BXP rifle with eight live rounds of ammunition.
The weapons are thought to be linked with the many armed robberies that have taken place in the Transkei.

Sithole was taken to Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital for treatment where he remains under heavy guard.

Investigating officer, Xolile Mdepa, said Sithole was suspected of operating in a syndicate linked to armed

Mdepa said Sithole was considered a dangerous criminal who was part of a nine-member gang based in Mthatha.

?I have been on the police force for 19 years, but it was the first time in my life that I had to arrest a criminal and fly him in a plane.

?That has only happened with Odwa Sithole,? Mdepa said.


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