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Thursday, 24 January 2008

Mrs Aparna Bose

72-year-old woman, Mrs Aparna Bose, was tied up and robbed at gunpoint in the wee hours this morning at her AH-325 residence in Salt Lake. The burglars decamped with cash and ransacked her two-storeyed house. No arrests have been made till reports last came in.
The incident took place around 2.00 a.m. when the septuagenarian lady found that four people had entered into the ground floor of her house. “Their faces were covered and they had a gun. They threatened to kill me if I raised an alarm,” she said. “I remained quiet and prayed that they would not harm me. I was too afraid even to reply to their questions properly,” she added.
The burglars tied up the woman and her housemaid, Sabita, while they ransacked her house looking for valuables and ornaments. Initially, they had searched the ground floor of the house. Not finding anything they searched the first floor of the house.
“My brother and his wife used to stay on the first floor but now the floor is unoccupied. They left after finding nothing valuable in the house,” Mrs Bose said.
After an hour long burglary the gang left. However, before going, the robbers gagged the lady and stole Rs 1,700 from a tin box kept in Mrs Bose's room. “They threatened to shoot me if I complained to the police,” she said. The two ladies remained tied and gagged for some hours. Around 7.00 a.m., Sabita managed to free herself and Mrs Bose. Later, they called on a neighbour Mr Maity and narrated the entire incident to him. It was then that a complaint was lodged with the Bidhannagar police.
Mrs Bose has been living alone in Salt Lake residence of hers since 1992. She has two daughters, Mrs Susmita Ray and Mrs Sujata Dutta both of whom reside outside Kolkata after they got married. n SNS


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