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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Malcolm Chalmers

Malcolm Chalmers was already in custody in Durham Region on unrelated charges and was appearing in court when Toronto Police came calling. He's now been charged with attempted murder and will be in court on the new count February 11th.
Police had displayed the gun used in the crime last Thursday, and admitted they had a suspect in mind. But it turns out it wasn't the weapon that led them to Chalmers.
"We were seeking the community's help in trying to put the clues together to this, and we were very fortunate in the last few days to have the community step forward and some vital pieces of information that we simply didn't have two years ago came to light," explains Det. Mike Barsky. "And it allowed us to make the decision on laying charges."
Cops say at least 10 people were involved in the fight that night, but they're satisfied they have the only person they allege is guilty of attempted murder. They admit they had Chalmers in their sights for some time, but couldn't get enough evidence to charge him.
Their suspect was in court on other serious accusations, including attempted murder and kidnapping but that case - like the new one against him - is just starting to make its way through the system.
Pereira, whose life has been forever changed by the incident that night, is grateful the cops never stopped hunting for justice.
"My family and I would like to thank you for your continuous hours and the determination on never giving up on capturing this person who tried to take my life on October 15, 2005," he wrote police.
"Although I will be physically and emotionally never be the same, I am determined to continue a positive outlook and put this terrible incident in my past."


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