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Thursday, 31 January 2008

Joshua Rocco ,Thomas Raywood :Possession of a handgun and a rifle

Two men were arrested last week after they were allegedly caught in possession of a handgun and a rifle, Mercer County Sheriff Kevin C. Larkin announced on Wednesday.
Larkin said members of Shooting Response Team 2 - a group of detectives from the sheriff's office, Trenton police, the Mercer County Prosecutor's Office, and the state police - spotted Thomas Raywood of Hopewell Township and Joshua Rocco of Falls, Pa., allegedly carrying out some kind of "transaction" with a third man at the corner of West Ingham Avenue and Roosevelt Street on Friday.
The third man ran off as the detectives approached, but Raywood and Rocco were stopped for questioning, Larkin said. After the handgun and rifle were found, Raywood and Rocco were each charged with obstruction, resisting arrest, and several weapon offenses, he said.


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