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Saturday, 26 January 2008

Darryl D. McClure

Darryl D. McClure, 38, of Boston and charged him with Armed Robbery in relation to a robbery incident that had taken place on 1/23/08 around 9:20pm. (Refer to Daily Incidents from 1/24/08.)
Officers responded to 705 Huntington Avenue yesterday around 9:45am pursuant to ongoing investigation when they learned that the other suspect from the robbery that had taken place the day before was back at 705 Huntington Avenue in Boston. During the course of their investigation, officers not only discovered the name of the other suspect involved in the robbery but the facts and circumstances leading to the robbery. Officers learned that the suspect arrested yesterday, Bobby Stevens, 36, of Roxbury and Darryl D. McClure, 38, of Boston had called the victim under the pretense of wanting to purchase drugs. Once there, the suspect robbed the victim at gunpoint and knifepoint of his money, drugs and cell phone.
During the course of their investigation, officers recovered the loaded semi-automatic gun used by the suspects and the cell phone and sidekick stolen from the victim. Suspect, McClure told officers that he smoked the drugs stolen from the victim.


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