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Saturday, 26 January 2008

Brenden Brown

Brenden Brown, is on probation for selling a handgun to Trolley Square gunman Sulejman Talovic.
Brown was to be sentenced Friday on three drug-related misdemeanor charges in an unrelated case, but the 21-year-old failed to show up in court. Judge Judith Atherton issued a $10,000 cash-only warrant for Brown's arrest.
Brown had pleaded guilty to two class A misdemeanor charges of attempted possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance and attempted illegal possession/use of a controlled substance, and a class B misdemeanor charge of illegal possession/use of a controlled substance.
Police say Brown was selling OxyContin from his apartment in January 2007.
Brown is serving one year of probation for participating in the sale of a .38-caliber handgun used by Talovic, who opened fire on shoppers at Trolley Square last year. Brown later pleaded guilty in that case to a misdemeanor charge of selling a gun to a minor. Talovic was 17 at the time of the sale.


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