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Monday, 14 January 2008

Awet Zekarias( Update )

Awet Zekarias, 23, stood in the prisoners' box in 111 Court at Old City Hall, nodding that they understood the charges and that they had to apply for bail in Superior Court.
Paredes, who wore a black quilted winter jacket, kept his eyes forward, looking towards the bench, as did Zekarias, clad in a black T-shirt.
Zekarias' mother sat alone two rows behind the box, her hands held in prayer by her mouth as she rocked and wept.
In the same courtroom, the women in Paredes' extended family were either crying or were visibly upset, while the men remained stoic.
After the brief hearing, during which they were ordered to reappear in the same court this morning, Zekarias sought out his mother, pursed his lips and shook his head indicating that he wasn't being released.


There is no way zekarias should be let out on bail. How could his friends say there si no justice?? zekarias and his friends are the absolute scum of this society we live in. Police should be watching his friends and family who were present at court, as they are the ones who are likely to commit such an offense again. A child is now left without a father because of this scumbag. I hope he gets treated like the b""ch he is in jail. F""ck him , his friends, his family, and his supporters.

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