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Thursday, 24 January 2008

Anuchit Lamlert

Anuchit Lamlert, 24, an unemployed man who has been arrested many times for robbing foreign tourists, The Nation reported. The suspect has confessed to the killing. However, he would not give the reason. After committing the crime, he escaped from the scene by his motorcycle and threw the gun to the bushes. Thai Police are now searching for the murder weapon.
Police tracked down Lamlert after spreading a photo robot of the gunman and set award of $15,000 for information about his whereabouts. The image was made with the help of digital procession of a security camera video. The image was completed by testimony of a crime witness. The witness said the photo robot "resembled remarkably" a man he saw fleeing the crime scene when the Russian tourists were gunned.
As Newslab reported earlier, two tourists from Kemerovo Tatiana Tsimfer, 30, and Lyubov Svirkova, 25, were murdered on the beach in front of the Thai resort hotel in Pattaya on February 24. No evidence of struggle or violence were found. There were drinks unfinished and mobile phones nearby on the sand. Thai police reported that there had been several tens of incoming calls on the mobile phones of the girls not long before their killing.
The results of a medical forensic expert examination received after an autopsy of the bodies were made public on February 28. The amount of alcohol in the girls' blood was high enough, now drugs were detected. Experts stated that the tourists had had sexual contacts within for days preceding the murder. The fact is partially confirmed by the words of their relatives, who said the girls had been a success with men in Thailand, RBC reported. Svirkova's mother told her daughter wanted to leave before the trip pass was expired because of assertive courting by local men.
Despite the confession, the investigation is continuing on the basis of other leads suggesting the motive for the killings may not have been robbery. Police is identifying the mobile callers. Police are also checking information that a European man might have been also involved in the killing. Murderers are wanted among Russian tourists, youth Thai biker groups and international criminal gangs. The girls' bodies will be taken to Novosibirsk and passed to their relatives on March 2.


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