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Sunday, 3 February 2008

Dexter Cox

Dexter Cox has been charged with first degree murder. According to a Police Affidavit, Cox confessed to shooting Vidulich, taking his gun and his Ford Explorer - then setting the S-U-V on fire.
Another affidavit says Cox was arrested Wednesday in connection to a shooting outside Frayser High School. Police found him, searched a nearby home and found a gun they say was stolen from the Officer's home. Investigators then realized they had their guy.
Mack McKinna has some harsh words for Cox, calling him "a little 18 year-old punk, who killed a good policeman." McKinna, and other neighbors are happy to hear an arrest has been made. The crime scene tape is still outside Vidulich's home. Since Monday, there has been a constant police presence - squad cars, and the CSI Command Post is still across the street. Neighbors say they are relieved because an arrest has been made. But they also say this isn't over. Neighbor Archie Collins says a conviction or more arrests would add closure. Collins also says he'll be content when he hears "in detail, what happened in the death of Ed Vidulich." Collins has many questions for officers including, "why his (Vidulich) particular house?
A News Conference will take place Sunday February 3rd at 3p.m.
Police records show this isn't Cox's first run in with the law. In July of 2007, he was arrested for Aggravated Robbery and Evading Arrest.


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